Phase two

As I have added content the need for many adjustments, perhaps some sensed but not fully acknowledged, have become unavoidable. The original configuration of the home page and related pages, three images across with two rows… I liked the size of the images but there were layout problems that I tried and tried to work around unsuccessfully before accepting that perhaps the images had to be smaller. The change to two rows of four turned out to look and work much better in every way.

Color correction is a challenge. Simply desaturating the “black and white” images was not an option, because the various charcoals and other black color marking tools all have their own specific color, often quite distinct. Trying to capture that is difficult, in finding a balance between the digital capture of the image through scanning or photography, the appearance and data of the image in the editing application, and then the appearance of the processed image on screen. And my eyes and the monitor I am looking at at a given time of day. So there are many variables to account for to present the most accurate version of the drawing. Also, I make an effort to resist “improving” the result through editing… boosting contrast, sharpening, etc.

The taxonomy continues to evolve. I have never been one to put the artwork into words, quite the opposite. Identifying the terms that reasonably describe the drawings in a useful way is careful work. I like it, the process of looking at an image and trying to extract terms that explain what I was putting down, even if I was not thoughtful about that intention while I was drawing. Getting this right is an important part of making this site useful in the ways I have imagined it might be, so more care required.