Like many artists, an important part of my process is in being able to look at the work I am making, to evaluate and compare images in the hope I may find clues that will guide me in making work that is more concise, more direct. Often I have been lucky to have studio and working spaces with plentiful wall space, so that I could display scores of drawings for viewing along the walls and floor. But as time goes by and the number of drawings multiplies to the point where it is impossible to show more than a few, hundreds lie in stacks, seldom viewed.

My thought in putting together this website was that, first, I could create a resource for myself that could make many more works available for use, and secondly, that I could present a range of work that could be of use to students and educators in the pursuit of their ambitions.

I have two additional online publications about my progress and my process as an artist. Graham White Art presents current artwork and collections of drawings and paintings that relate to the ideas I am working with. Graham White /art·work is concerned with observations and notes about the art process, and the ideas and tools that I bring to the practice.